• Cloud

    Planet Media offers a number of solutions that work from the cloud easily and safely, so that they can access information and work from anywhere, providing solutions tailored to different sectors and markets.

    App Publisher

    App Publisher is a solution developed by Planet Media for creating mobile applications easily through a user-friendly interface

    Why choose App Publisher?

    • Native applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, HTML5 and Smart-TV..
    • Integration in different devices
    • Campaign management system.
    • Multichannel platform
    • Mobile Advertising.
    • 3D Technology y Augmented Reality.
    • Management workflows.
    • Management of business processes

    Digital Security

    Planet Media’s solution allows retail companies, telecoms, banking, insurance or public administration keep their data and information safe from cyber threats.

    ¿Wich provides Digital Security by Planet Media?

    • Encryption
    • Safe Storage.
    • OTP – One Time Password.

    Social Retail

    Social networks are a key element in the purchase decision process user and in Planet Media, we are aware of it. We offer a Social Retail solution, wich allows eCommerce to social media.

    What does Social Retail by Planet Media?

    • Integration with platforms of mRetail or eRetail, CRM, SCM and content management.
    • Allows shopping anytime and customer loyalty.
    • Registration multiple social networks.


    Machine2Machine’s Planet Media solutions enable communication between various devices without human intervention. By using M2M technologies seeks the creation of services for which there is a process of exchange of information between two remote machines, either both fixed and mobile networks.

    What does M2M by Planet Media?

    • Measures to gas tank
    • Telemetry
    • POI (Points of Interest).
    • Payments via mobile
    • Sensor of land for agriculture
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


    The Planet Media Pharma solution is a response to the needs of control and management of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Why choose Pharma by Planet Media?

    • Hospital Information Systems (HIS) con más de 30 hospitales.
    • Timer pills
    • Audio and vídeo brochure
    • Centralized management and delivery of mobility services.
    • Standardized integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

    Web Portal

    Platform that allows the creation of personalized dynamic portal, integrating various web applications and allowing access to it from different portals. It also allows creating custom extranet for clients.

    Wich provides Web Portal by Planet Media?

    • Easy to Use
    • Interface that allows easy management of the application.
    • Can be integrates with your legacy.
    • Can be integrated seamlessly with other applications that tell the company, optimizing their performance.
    • Automation publishing.
    • Publishing new content through a single click, simplifying processes update.


    eCommerce byPlanet Media allows attract new customers and provide better service through personalized shopping.

    Allows management of customers, products, payment methods, etc.

    What are the advantages and Commerce Planet Media?

    • Increased sales. Through promotional tools to generate customized email marketing campaigns.
    • E-Commerce platform tailored to your needs.
    • Allows easily include new products and price update.
    • Internationalization of its business.
    • Multilanguage and multicurrency solution and allows the online store is in different languages, with prices and discounts tailored to each country.
    • Reducing customer costs.
    • Through the user management tool allows consumers to check the status of your order at any time.
    • E-Commerce solution scalable.
    • It adapts to the growth of online sales, allows the management of large catalogs and thousands of users.


    eLearning by Planet Media reduces the cost of developing custom learning experiences and optimize the work of learning management, offering specific and focused on the needs of the organization and training workers.

    What offers eLearning, a solution by Planet Media?

    • User-centric.
    • The user becomes the engine and the protagonist of the educational experience by increasing the level of learning.
    • Cost reduction.
    • Time and costs involved in shifting traditional training are removed.
    • Web-based training.
    • Accessible from any browser and available to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever they are.
    • Easy to use.
    • Simple design to use with all options just a click away.
    • Customized training.
    • Trainers can develop custom courses easily. In addition, you can include all types of training resources: videos, interactive tutorials, animations, audio explanations, etc.
    • Integration with legacy.
    • Compatible with other courseware or LMS platforms (learnign Mangement Systems), monetized previous investments in these technologies.
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