OMNISUITE eBanking® & mPayments

OMNISUITE eBANKING® provides seamless end-customer digital journeys.

OMNISUITE eBANKING® is the next-generation vertical omnichannel platform. You can leverage optimized channel journeys from gathering structured and unstructured data from different sources to provide a seamless end to end Digital fully personalized user experience.

OMNISUITE eBANKING® helps you to modernize and orchestrate all your customer touch points, transforming multiple siloed banking channels and legacy applications into a consistent brand experience that is easy to use and always available.

Throught a set of operational and analytical modules OMNISUITE provides benchmark beating KPI´s and unique conversion enrollment and prospect onboarding rates.

Our platform advantage is based on a Costumers´ context and finantial service needs knowledge from your final costumer base from USA, Europe and LATAM using Data Stream BigData Algorithms and mining massive data techniques

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  • Why OMNISUITE eBanking®?

    • Reduces time-to-market for banks and finantial services organizations who need to be leading the digital ecosystem.
    • Digital strategy is addressed and personalized to final customers needs directly.
    • Allows banks and credit unions to differentiate their offerings with a 100% alignment with their KPIs.
    • Empowers business owners to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

  •  Simplicity, Usability & Security

    • OMNISUITE BANKING platform is based on international best practices across most mature digital banking regions.
    • This is a dynamic platform of company strategy, adaptable to the needs of the entity, its segments and financial needs of customers.

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