OMNISUITE Payments®  is an open and interoperable ePayment solution.

mPayment solutions for all scenes, turning mobile devices into a purse. Make payments and collections P2P and P2M via smartphones and tablets, offering safer interactions and experiences.

What is the offer of OMNISUITE Payments® de Planet Media?

  • Multichannel Solutions
  • Improved ePayment processing
  • Interoperability with Banks and Retailers
  • devices-citi

  • Open Solution, Interoperable e Innovative

    • Open model without transaction fees. Access to all available means of payment and global acceptance network, without the existence of additional hidden costs.
    • Payments P2P, P2M P2ATM.
    • ePayments
    • NFC Tecnology
    • Universal mWallet
    • Micro P2P transfers
    • Mobile TPV

  • Payments simplicity for Shop and Customers

    • Scalability, persistence  SOA and UX: Best international practices of digital experience. Architecture  oriented to service for scalability and persistent.
    • Customizing One2One Offers: Engine customer profiling and segmentation by type of customer and behavioral patterns.
    • Dynamic platform of digital strategy company: adaptable to the needs of the entity, its segments and financial needs of its customers

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  • Multichannel Security

    • Comprehensive and global model of payments: Includes pre-configured cards. Support based on 15 years of experience building e Banking software.
    • Fraud unlimited control and transaction processing. Certified Platform: PCI-DSS, 3DSecure, ISO27001 in Mexico.
    • Globally proven platform: LATAM, USA, and Europe with references Fortune Top 500.